Smile Design Treatment Plans

Smile design is a process dentists go through to plan and visualize a patient’s desired smile. Sometimes it is just correcting some of the teeth imperfections that you feel self-conscious about. Subsequently, it is the process of improving the appearance of a smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry. Examples include teeth implants, teeth whitening, composite bonding, and dental veneers. McClane Dentistry uses the latest technologies to plan and execute your smile design treatment in the most effective way.

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Advantages of Smile Design

There are several benefits of the smile design treatment, like:

  • Smile Treatment Planning gives that natural look that complements your overall appearance.
  • Smile Treatment Plans can increases your self-confidence.
  • With a Smile Treatment Plan, you can restore your teeth to their once pearly likeness, making you feel comfortable and better.
  • Smile design is the best solution for people who do not have time to wear braces or go for extensive dental procedures.
  • A Smile Treatment Plan revitalizes your smile in a longer lasting way than other temporary measures.
  • Customizing a smile design means a timeline is planned to minimize the number of appointments. Accordingly, this makes sure your smile is completed in time for your special function.
  • Our Smile Treatment Plans have combined treatments.
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Types of Smile Design Treatments

Different cosmetic dentistry procedures are combined to design your smile. Some procedures included in the treatment in Stuart, FL are:

  • Porcelain veneers- This treatment is for patients who want to cover minor crooked teeth, stains, or other cosmetic issues. Veneers are pearl white caps attached to the tooth to cover cosmetic flaws. Porcelain veneers are brighter and long-lasting, correspondingly they can be of help for a very long time.
  • Gum contouring- Uses dentistry to reduce or reshape the appearance of your gums. If you find your gum line uneven or are covering your teeth, you should consider gum contouring. Having an even gum line is just as pleasing as having white teeth; it is believed that symmetry is beautiful.
  • Teeth whitening – Teeth whitening treatment helps remove stains from life’s wear and tear. For instance certain medication, foods, beverages, poor oral care, or smoking. Teeth whitening procedures use bleach to remove stains, helping you looking youthful with your beautiful, brighter teeth.

Who can undergo smile design treatment?

Anyone can go for dental cleaning, although the treatment and procedure rely mainly on your oral examination results. A dental hygienist will perform your tooth-cleaning sessions. An oral examination will also be carried out to check your gums and teeth.

Getting your teeth cleaned in Stuart, FL

  • Anyone above 20 years of age is eligible for our smile design. Although the type of treatment depends mostly on age, veneers can be done on older teens.
  • An individual who wants to look younger.
  • An individual takes care of their teeth with regular dental check-ups and hygiene.
  • Anyone who wants to invest in their dental health and their overall future.
  • An individual who wants to improve their chances for career advancement or success.