Bone grafting

A bone graft refers to a surgical procedure used to fix problems with bones or joints. Bone grafting is the process of replacing missing bones to repair a bone fracture and bone loss. For example, when you lose your teeth through gum disease or trauma, your dentist will use bone grafts to keep your bone back to its original form. Additionally, you can use bone grafting even if you lost your teeth a long time ago. Subsequently, the process will restore your bones to their previous form. The bone used in a bone graft comes from your body or a donor. McClane Dentistry in Stuart, FL, offers effective bone grafting treatment that will help you to achieve healthy oral conditions.

Bone Grafting in Stuart Florida

Benefits of bone grafting

The bone grafting treatment in Stuart, FL, has several benefits, such as:

  • Ensures the restoration and maintenance of facial bone structures.
  • Bone grafts protect you from developing other dental diseases like alveolar bone atrophy. In essence, this atrophy accordingly leads to deformities that can prevent chewing food, speaking properly, muscle dysfunctions, and even pain in your mouth.
  • Bone grafting highly improves the appearance and usefulness of implants, dentures, and crowns.
  • Prevents future problems that may arise due to insufficient bone density in your dental area.
  • The interior grafts help in preserving the ridge topography, greatly improving the appearance of prior fixed bridgeworks.
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Types of bone graft treatments

The type of graft used depends entirely on the injury the surgeon is repairing:

  • Allograft- uses bones from a deceased donor or a cadaver that has been cleaned and stored in a tissue bank. Allografts are commonly used in hip, knee, or long bone reconstruction. In particular, long bones include arms and legs. The process involves bones that do have living cells, to reduce the risk of rejection. Additionally, since the bone does not contain living marrow, there is no need to match blood types between the donor and the recipient.
  • Autograft- is a bone taken from your body and transplanted to another part of your body. Its benefits are as follows: no immune reaction or disease, as well as transmission may heal large or small defects by itself.
  • Xenograft tissue- it is a bone taken from an animal source and implanted into your body. A xenograft is commonly used in surgery. Some of its benefits include healing small defects by itself, readily available portions of the grafts turn into your bone, and the graft has well-documented success.
  • Alloplast bone graft- Alloplast is a synthetically made material to be used in your bone as a bone graft alternative. Benefits include no risk of disease transmission, readily available, and lastly may heal small grafts by itself.

Who is eligible for bone grafting?

  • Anyone who has missing teeth and does not have enough jawbones to hold the dental implants.
  • A person who has suffered an oral injury due to an auto accident, sports accident, assault requires bone grafting to restore the jawbone’s strength.
  • A person who has suffered from cyst removal or a tumor.

Getting a bone grafting in Stuart, FL

The type of bone graft your surgeon will use depends on the type of surgery being performed, your age, medical history, and bone quantity. A prescription is required before any treatment. Always consult your doctor to know which is right for you and all the list of indications and warnings. In case of any questions, visit McClane Dentistry in Stuart, FL.