All on four / six / eight

All on four/ six/ eight are implants used to restore your smile if most or all your natural teeth are missing. The implants serve as anchors for dental bridges that you connect to form rows of prosthetic teeth that function just like your natural teeth. The type of implant you use depends on the topography of your mouth, for example, the number of teeth remaining and the number of the ones missing. McClane Dentistry offers high-quality all on four/ six/ eight treatment to the residents and visitors of Stuart, FL. We have years of experience with implants, and we conduct the procedure will a lot of precision.

All on Four Six Eight in Stuart Florida

Advantages of all on four/six/eight

  • All on four/six/eight can be used with natural teeth. You can have fewer than four in case there are still natural teeth left. The dentist can shave them off and turn them into abutment for your dental bridges, which saves you money when putting in your permanent false teeth. These porcelain crowns and bridges also look and function pretty much like your natural teeth.
  • The treatment is the best solution to get rid of toothlessness when most of your teeth have been lost. All on treatment is the best bet in having stable dentures that act closest to the natural teeth.
  • All on allows you to get firm teeth that feel and function like real teeth with a stable bite. These implants are even better than real teeth because once the crown or bridge breaks, you can attach new ones in a few simple steps.
  • All on one treatment enables your dentist to rehabilitate all the teeth on your maxillary and mandibular jaws with only one oral surgery. Since there are 4-8 implants involved, there is no need for bone augmentation. Also, the depth, angle, and distance are determined by the implants as they are placed in the jaw.
  • It is the preferred affordable dental solution. Most of the patients who are missing most of their teeth prefer all-on treatment because it is the most affordable and has stable structures..
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How the treatment works with all on four/six/eight

  • Before any treatment, you will undergo a CT scan, dental x-ray, or digital scan. In most cases, you will also get a dental mold to help the dental bridge designers to make the most perfectly shaped bridge or bridges for your mouth set of remaining teeth.
  • After consultation, you will get an appointment for oral surgery, and the implants will be installed. The dentist will use general anesthesia to numb the place and make it painless.
    After a few days, the temporary bridge is attached to the implants.

This is a long-term commitment, and the healing takes time. So, you have to be patient. Follow all the instructions given by your dentist. Once the procedure is complete, the implants will work as a stable base for your artificial teeth.

Who is eligible for all on four/six/eight

  • People missing all their teeth along the dental ridge or most of their teeth.
  • A person with sufficient jawbone structure and gum tissues in place to hold the implants.
  • A patient with realistic expectations about the nature of the treatment and be committed to proper care/ oral hygiene and their full denture.

Getting the treatment in Stuart, FL

From the above article, it is clear that all four treatments are the best and effective when replacing your missing teeth. If you need to talk to your doctor about your dental health, feel free to visit McClane Dentistry. Our address is 1001 Southeast Ocean Boulevard, Stuart, Florida 34996. or call (772) 287-0788.