Night Guards

Night guards are also known as dental guards, work as a barrier between your teeth. People with teeth grinding or bruxism issues find this very useful as it helps to lighten the tension and gives a cushion to your jaw muscles. It can help to prevent jaw pain and give all-around protection to your teeth’s enamel while you are sleeping.
You can purchase over-the-counter night guards which come in general sizes or the customized ones made in our dental offices. The custom-fitted night guards are designed exclusively for your mouth and hence will allow you to feel comfortable wearing them. Your dentist at McClane Dentistry will understand your issues and suggest the best mouth guards suitable for your needs.

Night Guards in Stuart Florida

What are the benefits of a night guard?

  • It ensures that your top and bottom teeth do not come in contact with each other while you are asleep. Thus, it helps to prevent tooth damage due to bruxism or teeth grinding.
  • It helps to reduce jaw tension and pain.
  • It prevents headaches caused due to bruxism.
  • It helps in improving your sleep pattern.
  • It also prevents snoring issues.
  • Night guards are cost-effective as they prevent a wide range of dental and overall health issues caused due to teeth grinding habits.
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What are the types of night guards?

Dentists recommend going for mouth guards that are properly fitted to avoid discomfort. There are four types of mouthguards, namely:

  • Stock mouth guards- these are over-the-counter guards that come pre-formed and ready to wear. They are one size fit and are less expensive.
  • Boil and bite mouth guards- before using this mouth guard; you need to soften it in hot water, then mold it around the mouth with your fingers and tongue.
  • Custom-fitted mouthguards- these guards are made to fit a patient personally. Custom mouth guards offer the best comfort, protection and are available in all sizes; you can choose one that fits.

Custom-fitted dental night guards are for people with sleep apnea, snoring, and grinding or clenching of the teeth (bruxism) habits. They are custom-made to fit at a professional dental lab using an impression of the person’s teeth. They protect against tooth wear and muscle strain and offer better comfort. You can also use guards to relieve jaw pain from grinding and clenching.

Getting Night guards in Stuart, FL

If you are wondering where to get the best night guards that fit and make you feel comfortable, come to McClane Dentistry, a renowned dental office in Stuart, FL. You can book an appointment with our experts by calling us at (772) 287-0788.