Sports Guards

Sports guards are dental equipment that covers your teeth to protect gums, tongue, cheeks, and teeth from trauma caused by teeth grinding or sports.  Sport guards are exclusive mouth guards created by your dentist from a thermoplastic material based on a mold taken from your teeth and mouth. At McClane Dentistry, we use high-quality material and the latest technology to make a perfect and comfortable guards

Sports Guards

Advantages of using custom sports guards

There are several advantages of getting your Guards customized in Stuart, FL:

  • They safeguard your teeth from injuries that might damage the nerve
  • Custom Sport Guards prevent cuts and bruising during impact
  • Prevents tooth fractures or dislocation by cushioning the tooth
  • Offers protection from opposite teeth
  • Protects the lower jaw, ensuring that impact does not damage or fracture your bone.
  • They fit perfectly in your mouth and are very comfortable to wear.
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Types of custom Sport Guards

Dentists recommend going for sports guards that are properly fitted to avoid discomfort. There are four types of Sport Guards, namely, premade mouth guards, the boil and bite fitted, and custom-made guards

  • Stock guards- these are over-the-counter guards that come pre-formed and ready to wear. They are one size fit and are less expensive.
  • Boil and bite guards- before using this mouth guard; you need to soften it in hot water, then mold it around the mouth with your fingers and tongue.
  • Custom-fitted guards- these guards are made to fit a patient personally. Custom sports guards offer the best comfort, protection and are available in all sizes; you can choose one that fits. Athletes can also use these sports guards to protect their teeth and reduce the cause of injury, broken teeth, and bruising lips and cheeks during sports.
  • Custom-fitted dental guards- These are for people with sleep apnea, snoring, and grinding or clenching of the teeth (bruxism) habits. They are custom-made to fit at a professional dental lab using an impression of the person’s teeth. They protect against tooth wear and muscle strain and offer better comfort. You can also use sports guards to relieve jaw pain from grinding and clenching.

Who is eligible to use sports guards?

Both children and adults require mouth guards, including those with braces, dental implants, and dental bridges. Your healthcare provider may recommend a sports guard if you or your child due to the following reasons;

  • Grinding your teeth also known as bruxism
  • When playing contact sports like basketball, football, lacrosse, hockey, or any soccer that increases chances of risk to your face
  • When taking parts in non-contact sports like skating, gymnastics, or biking and there are high risks of fall

Getting custom sports guards in Stuart, FL

If you are wondering where to get the best sports guard that is fitting and makes you feel comfortable, come to Mc Clane Dentistry. You can book an appointment with our experts by calling us at (772) 287-0788.