TMJ therapy

TMJ therapy helps to treat disorders related to the temporomandibular joint. The program will include learning and practicing techniques for regaining normal jaw movement. A TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) disorder is a pain that arises in your jaw joint and in the muscles that control the jaw movement. It mainly occurs due to bruxism or teeth grinding habits. Many people grind their teeth unknowingly while sleeping.
Along with pain in your jaws, ear, and neck region, it can also damage your teeth. McClane Dentistry offers effective TMJ therapy in Stuart, Florida. We have experienced dentists who will protect you from the effects of TMJ disorder.

TMJ Therapy in Stuart Florida

Advantages of TMJ therapy

  • There is no pain- It is not always a tooth or joint pain that comes with TMJ, but doctors say that people with TMJ also experience pain in their shoulders, neck, upper back, and face. With TMJ therapy, the dentist will determine the cause of the pain and will administer the required medication.
  • You will have fewer earaches and headaches- Sometimes, your discomfort is because of the pressure in between muscles of your jaws. This therapy will help with reducing the severity and frequency of earaches and headaches.
  • You will feel comfortable while eating- People with TMJ disorder often find it hard to eat, which causes them to reduce intake to avoid pain. The pain experienced is very stressful, and this causes negative impacts on the patient’s oral health. However, with TMJ therapy, you will enjoy eating once again.
  • Your days will be better. Since all the pain that was overstressing you is dealt with, you will be able to do the things you love more and better. You will be able to speak comfortably without feeling any pain.
  • You will have no more damage risks- Most patients with TMJ disorders begin to grind their teeth which is very harmful to your oral health because grinding wears them down, making you more prone to decay or breakage. This problem also exerts a lot of pressure on your joints and jaw, and in return, this causes other symptoms to worsen.
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Who is eligible for TMJ therapy?

  • Anyone experiencing extreme jaw pain and discomfort accompanied by limited jaw mobility, facial pain, dull headaches, and earaches.
  • A patient with excessive grinding of their teeth.
  • Anyone experiencing inability to chew foods.
  • A patient with locked jaws.

Getting TMJ Therapy in Stuart, FL

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of TMJ disorders, then you are a good candidate for TMJ therapy. It can worsen with time and can cause permanent effects if not treated. If you want to learn more about TMJ disorder and TMJ therapy, visit McClane Dentistry in Stuart, Florida. You can also reach us on (772) 287-0788.