Single Tooth Implant

A single tooth implant refers to a surgical dental fixture placed in the jawbone. It is allowed to fuse with the jawbone to work as a replacement for the missing root of the tooth. Implants are one of the most popular and permanent ways of restoring your lost smile. Whether you want to have bridges or dentures as your replacement teeth, anchoring them with implants will give stability.

If you are looking for reliable single-tooth implant treatment in Stuart, FL, contact us at McClane Dentistry. Our dentists have years of experience with dental implants, which helps us achieve a high success rate with the treatment.

Single Tooth Implant in Stuart Florida

Advantages of a single-tooth implant

Implants are one of the most popular treatments for replacing missing teeth. Here is a list of advantages that single-tooth implants offer:

  • There is no effect on the neighboring teeth.
  • The implant will hold your jawbones and prevent them from eroding, this means that the bone will remain healthy and intact.
  • A single-tooth implant is capable of restoring the natural function of the mouth and increases oral comfort.
  • You can care for a single tooth implant the same way as you would the remaining teeth brushing and thoroughly cleaning the spaces between them.
  • There is no struggle during eating, chewing, or speaking because the implants have a stable foundation that gives you natural comfort.
  • You can use the implant for the longest time possible.
  • A single-tooth implant ensures that your natural smile is restored.
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Who is eligible for a single-tooth implant?

As we all know, not everyone with a missing tooth can go through this oral surgery. An Stuart, FL dentist will have to look for many factors before recommending them to you. For example, you would need a healthy jawbone density to hold the implant in place. Do not worry if you don’t have adequate jawbones, our dentist might suggest a bone grafting procedure before inserting the implants. So before you decide anything, consult your Stuart, Florida dentist to know if you are the right candidate for the single-tooth implant procedure.
If you have a long history of dental problems, then the risk of implant failure is higher. Our dentists will recommend an alternative way in that case.
It is essential to be ready and willing to invest your time and emotional energy in the process. Since single tooth implants accompany several procedures, a patient will need a lot of patience before enjoying their implant-supported teeth.

Types of treatments for a single tooth implant

  • Endosteal- This refers to an implant that is in the bone.
  • Subperiosteal- These are implants that rest on top of the jaw bone under the gum tissue. Although this is not in use today due to its long-term results as compared to Endosteal.

Getting single-tooth implant in Stuart, FL

We recommend going to dental specialists that are recognized by the dental association (ADA). There are many factors you should consider before going to a dentist in Stuart, FL, to get your single-tooth implants:

  • The number of dental procedures the dental specialized completed successfully.
  • The number of dental procedures the dental specialized completed successfully.
  • Check if the dentist is experienced in bone grafting.
  • How long the dentist has been placing the implant.
  • How many implants does the dentist place per year?

You will get positive answers to all the above factors when you come for a single-tooth implant treatment at McClane Dentistry. Here, we have dentists with years of experience, and they have successfully helped many patients to regain their lost smiles through implants.