Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer screening is a thorough check-up of your mouth performed by a dentist to look for cancerous and precancerous signs in your mouth. The main aim behind this screening is to detect the disease at an early stage so that proper measures can be taken to cure or prevent it . The test might not reveal the results instantly, and therefore, the doctor might recommend the patient return in two weeks. In the meantime, they will scrape off the cells from the affected area where they see signs of oral cancer and send it for biopsy.

Oral Cancer Screening in Stuart Florida

At McClane Dentistry, we have experienced dentists who can perform the whole screening process during your routine evaluation and look for the symptoms of cancer in your mouth. If you feel uncomfortable or have a lump anywhere in your oral region, let your dentist know. Early detection would increase the chances of curing this deadly disease.

Advantages of oral cancer screening

Advantages of oral screening:

  • Screening helps find cancer in an early stage.
  • As cancer will get detected early, the chances of dying from it will reduce.
  • Early cancer screening improves the chances of successful treatment.
  • A mouth cancer screening helps identify an early malignant lesion before it has a chance to spread.
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Who is eligible for oral cancer screening?

You must get your oral cancer screening done when you visit Stuart, FL, dentist’s office for your routine evaluation. However, people with the following conditions should be extra cautious:

  • If you have a high risk of certain cancers.
  • If anyone in your family had been affected by mouth cancer previously.
  • A personal history of cancer.
  • If you have specific gene mutations that are linked to cancer.
  • If you develop a blood clot for no reason.
  • People with the HPV virus and alcoholics.

For proper cancer screening, we recommend you visit our clinic at least once in six months. We have experienced oral pathologists here who will examine your mouth and try to find if there are any issues.

Getting your oral cancer screening in Stuart, FL

Regular check-ups with your dentist help more than just your smile. It provides an opportunity for your dentist to check for oral cancer. For oral cancer screening, book your appointment at 1001 SE Ocean Blvd #107, Stuart, FL 34996. Or you can reach them at (772) 287-0788. Dr. Vincent T. McClane is an experienced dentist here who will screen your mouth to look out for the signs of cancer and take all the proper measures to maintain your oral health.