Wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom teeth are the third molars located at the back of your mouth. Most people have four of them, two on top and two on the bottom. The pain in those teeth mainly occurs because they do not have enough room to erupt or grow. Impacted wisdom teeth can interfere with the alignment of other teeth and can cause various dental problems. Wisdom teeth often grow at weird angles, which is why it gets tough to clean them, which can subsequentially lead to decays. If you are experiencing pain in your wisdom teeth, contact us at McClane Dentistry. We have experienced dentists in our Stuart, FL, dental office who will provide all-round assistance to relieve you from the pain.

Wisdom Tooth Pain in Stuart Florida

Causes of wisdom tooth pain

  • Growing pains- if your wisdom teeth are hurting, it could be simply them growing in. When the wisdom teeth come out, they cause pain, slight swelling, and soreness in the gums.
  • Cavity- lack of space causes wisdom teeth to grow very close to neighboring teeth. Cleaning the tight space can be a challenge, making the place a prime spot for cavities.
  • Impacted tooth- if your teeth get too close together, they can cause swelling, pain when chewing or biting, pain in the jaw, and even have difficulties when opening your mouth.
  • Cyst development- Cysts form when wisdom teeth are impacted at a tooth’s follicle, causing pain and damage to the tooth and jawbone.
  • Gum disease- gum disease Is likely to occur on wisdom teeth because they are located where cleaning is really hard.
  • Tooth decay- wisdom teeth that are partially impacted appear to be at a high risk of tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs because food bacteria get easily trapped between the gum and a partially erupted tooth.
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Ways to relieve pain caused by wisdom teeth

  • The easiest way to relieve wisdom tooth pain is by extracting it. Extraction of wisdom teeth will prevent you from any related issues and prevents the future occurrence of infections.
  • Taking prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or aspirin.
  • Will control the pain.
  • You can also use mouth-numbing gel-like substances; you can use any benzocaine.
  • Saltwater rinse. Rinsing your teeth with dissolved sodium chloride promotes healthy gums and kills bacteria.

Ensure to follow all the instructions given by your Stuart, FL, dentist to get the best results.

Symptoms of wisdom tooth pain

  • Red or swollen gums.
  • Tender or bleeding gums.
  • You may experience pain in the jaw.
  • Some patients get an unpleasant smell in their mouth.
  • You may experience difficulties opening your mouth, chewing, or even speaking.
  • If you have a bad breath.
  • Swelling around the jaw.

How to prevent wisdom tooth pain

Keep a regular six-month dental appointment for cleaning and checkups. This will help your dentist monitor the growth and emergencies of your wisdom teeth. Also, regularly updated dental X-rays can indicate any possible impacted teeth before you develop any symptoms.

Getting the treatment in Stuart, FL

If you feel you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain, you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist to have them checked before your other teeth get damaged. If you are looking for the best clinic with amazing results, visit McClane Dentistry in Stuart, Florida. You can also call or text (772) 287-0788 and schedule your appointment with Dr. Vincent T. McClane, D.M.D.