Dental crowns

A dental crown can be described as an artificial cap used to cover up weak, broken, or misshapen teeth. Your dentist in Stuart, FL, might advise you to get a dental crown to protect your teeth from further damage. Contact us at McClane Dentistry today if you are looking for good-quality crowns at reasonable prices.

Dental crowns in Stuart Florida

Why do you need a dental crown?

A dental crown is mainly used to recover the strength, shape, and appearance of your teeth. There are so many things that can wear out teeth. From cavity to teeth breaking due to accident or decay, so many factors can deform your teeth and deny you a chance of wearing a confident smile. There are different types of dental crowns, namely:
Full dental crown- here the whole tooth is covered with a crown for maximum protection. It covers the tooth from its crown to the gum.
Onlay or ¾ crown- It is different from a full dental crown as it does not cover the whole tooth. This is usually ideal for people who may react to metals.

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Who is eligible for a dental crown?

All dental issues cannot be fixed using a dental crown. You are a good fit for this treatment in Stuart, FL if you have:

  • Broken, Chipped, or Fractured teeth.
  • Large Dental Fillings.
  • Tooth Decay.
  • Just undergone Root Canal Therapy..
  • Missing Teeth.

The dental crown can also be used for fixing some cosmetic concerns like defects in your smile, discoloration, misshapen teeth, etc.

What are the types of a dental crown?

There are specific materials used for making dental crowns, and they include:

  • Porcelain: Dental crown made from porcelain is first fused with metal to add more strength. One of the best things about metal fused porcelain dental crowns is that they can be made to exactly match the teeth’s color so that you can hardly tell if a dental crown is installed. The only disadvantage of metal fused porcelain is that it can easily be damaged by the opposite tooth that gets into contact with it.
  • Metal: There are different kinds of metals that can make dental crowns, including gold, nickel, chromium, and even palladium. The best thing about metal dental crowns is that they last longer plus are much stronger; therefore, they don’t chirp or break off the opposite tooth that comes into contact with it.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic dental crowns are similar. The good thing with ceramic crowns is that they can match the exact color of the teeth, making them ideal for front and back teeth. Pressed ceramic is also a consideration of option for a dental crown. Unlike an all-ceramic dental crown, pressed ceramic crowns are much harder and long-lasting.

Taking care of your dental crowns

Taking care of dental crowns requires nothing more than good oral hygiene. Note that installing dental crowns may be accompanied by discomfort around the teeth where it has been installed. One can also experience some sensitivity issues, but these can go away with time.

Getting a dental crown in Stuart, FL

Dental crowns are one of the best dental care, especially if you need to maintain the perfect teeth. It is, however, highly recommended that you follow the doctor’s instructions to avoid disappointments. For example, you may be allergic to gold, but you might go ahead to install a gold dental crown to your chagrin. For more information, please book an appointment with us at McClane Dentistry.