Bite Problems

In orthodontics, a bite can be defined as the way your upper and lower teeth come together. If you have a perfect bite, that means your upper and lower teeth will be met properly when you are biting down. However, malocclusion or bite issues are quite common and have many adverse effects. It can affect your food intake capabilities and also your speech. There are several orthodontic equipment in which your malocclusion issues can be repaired. The exact choice of treatment would depend on your teeth condition. Every malocclusion issue is unique and so is their treatment.

Bite Problems in Stuart Florida

What are the common bite problems?

  • Open bite- It would hamper the way you chew your food. It can basically be defined as the lack of vertical overlap of your teeth.
  • Crossbite- This occurs when your upper front teeth fit inside your lower set of teeth. This misalignment can cause a lot of issues when it comes to chewing and biting.
  • Underbite- This occurs when your upper jaws sit behind your lower jaws. It can cause stress on your joint and create what is known as a “bulldog” facial appearance.
  • Crowding- This occurs when your teeth do not get enough room to grow. It can happen due to reasons like inadequate jaw space, big teeth size, etc. It is one of the most common issues that need orthodontic treatment. Crowded teeth can impact your facial appearance and also lead to several dental issues like cavities, decay, and gum diseases.
  • Spacing- If you have too much space between your teeth, that can also be an issue. Apart from being unaesthetic, it can also lead to several oral problems over time if left untreated.
  • Deep bite- If you have a closed bite and your upper front teeth completely cover your lower teeth, then that is considered to be a deep bite problem. It can cause chewing problems and even lead to gum diseases.
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What are the standard treatments for bite problems?

Depending on your condition and the extent of your bite problems, your dentist might suggest different types of orthodontic treatments like braces, aligners, or Invisalign. The treatment plan depends on individual cases and to make your teeth aesthetically beautiful, you can book an initial consultation with our dentist Dr. McClane at our dental office in Stuart, FL.

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