Broken, Cracked, or Chipped Tooth

Teeth can get damaged because of many reasons. There are plenty of stories out there that end up with hurt, broken teeth. Fortunately, not all damaged teeth are painful. Tooth cracking or chipping are not painful experiences due to the fact that no nerves run inside our teeth. However, a cracked tooth can deprive someone of their confidence, and to some extent it can be painful depending on the severity of the damage. If you have broken, cracked, or chipped your tooth in an accident or while playing, it is essential to contact your trusted Stuart, FL dentist. McClane Dentistry offers round-the-clock emergency dental services for the damaged tooth to the residents and visitors of Stuart, FL.

Broken, Cracked, or Chipped Tooth in Stuart Florida

What should you do if you break your tooth?

If you break your tooth when biting something hard or in an accident, the first thing you should do is clean your mouth. You can do this using warm water so that you don’t trigger any sensitivity in case the crack runs deep into the roots. Cleaning your mouth is also important so that you don’t end up swallowing the small pieces that have broken off.
If you can locate the broken part, you need to keep it safe and carry it during your visit to the dentist. Note that, other than cleaning your mouth, there are no home remedies or treatments for a broken tooth. One mistake that many people make is that they use super glue to stick the broken-off piece back on. The risks of doing this can be lethal.
Some cracks can run deep, which can lead to excruciating pain. If you are in this situation, you may need to take a pain reliever and use salt water to gargle and wash around the infected area. Note that not all cracks on the tooth require treatment as they are considered normal. Unless you fancy perfect teeth, there is no need to repair a small piece of a broken tooth.
In any case, it would be the best decision to rush to your Stuart, FL, dentist. They will examine your teeth and help you with the best available treatment.

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How to repair broken or chipped teeth

Broken or chipped teeth are quite easy to repair since it does not involve any surgical processes. Depending on the depth of a crack, several treatment processes can be applied, including bonding, root canal & crown placement, polishing, tooth extraction, and implant placement.

A root canal will be required before filling up the crack if the damage goes too deep into the pulp. During the process, the damaged pulp is removed and the area is sanitized before filling it with gutta-percha. This is a rubbery material that will repair the crack.
Root canals has historically been known to be a horrific experience in the past. However, a lot of this has changed thanks to the technological advancements in the medical industry.

How to care for cracked teeth

Repairing a cracked tooth will depend on the intensity of the damage. However, it is not a process that takes more than a few hours. Caring for a repaired tooth, on the other hand, is not easy work. Usually, it remains sensitive for a while before you can get used to the feeling. During that time, you will want to mind the temperature of what you eat or drink.

Getting the treatment in Stuart, FL

With the help of the right dentist, broken teeth should be the least of your worries. If the damages are too extensive that surgery will be required, we have the ideal experts to assist you on your path to full dental health. Always practice the recommended dental care practices to maintain stronger teeth that don’t break easily. For any inquiries about the health of your teeth, talk to Dr. Vincent T. McClane D.M.D. on (772) 287-0788. You can also visit their Stuart, Florida dentist office at 1001 Southeast Ocean Boulevard, Stuart, Florida 34996.