Teeth Cleaning

Dental cleaning is the removal of tartar and plaques from your teeth and gum lines, thereby reducing inflammation and improving the health of your gum. Plaques are sticky film that forms on the teeth which contain bacteria and develops when food mixes with saliva. However, plaque accumulation can lead to gum disease, including inflation of gums, also known as gingivitis. If you do not treat gingivitis, they can advance to periodontitis. Periodontitis is a severe infection that destroys the bone that supports the teeth.

Teeth Cleaning in Stuart Florida

To avoid all these, you should get your teeth professionally cleaned once in a while. Contact your Stuart, FL dentist and book teeth cleaning appointment if you have not done that in a while.

Advantages of teeth cleaning

There are several advantages of this procedure:

  • Teeth cleaning stops gum bleeding.
  • Dental cleaning fights lousy breath.
  • Protects the roots of your teeth.
  • Promotes healthy gums.
  • It prevents the spread of infections and reduces the chances of tooth loss.
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Types of treatment for teeth cleaning

There are different types of teeth cleaning treatment, and the one your dentist utilizes relies heavily on your specific oral care needs.

  • Prophylaxis cleaning- This is a procedure mainly used on individuals with oral health. A prophylaxis cleaning performs routine maintenance such as removing a certain amount of tartar and plaques from the surface of the teeth gums and between teeth.
  • Scaling and root planning- It is a non-surgical, more invasive tooth procedure that involves deep cleaning of gums, gum lines, and other supporting structures of the teeth. If you suffer from gingivitis or periodontitis, you should go for scaling and root planning dental cleaning. The process involves smoothening out the tooth root’s surface and removing any tartar and plaques that exist; the process takes several visits to the dentist for thorough cleaning.
  • Gross debridement- if you have not visited the dentist in several years, there is likely a vast amount of plaque and tartar built up between your teeth, on the surface, and in gums. Therefore your teeth will need deep cleaning, and this is where gross debridement comes in. However, gross debridement is not for everyone, even if you have never visited the dentist. Your dentist will perform an oral examination, and after that, he will decide.
  • Periodontal maintenance- this is routine maintenance for an individual who suffers from severe oral concerns. If you have gingivitis or periodontitis, your doctor will recommend this procedure. The process involves several visits to the dentist.

Who is an eligible doctor for teeth cleaning?

Anyone can go for dental cleaning, although the treatment and procedure rely mainly on your oral examination results. A dental hygienist will perform your tooth-cleaning sessions. An oral examination will also be carried out to check your gums and teeth.

Getting your teeth cleaned in Stuart, FL

Maintaining regular cleanness of your teeth is paramount. Only brushing your teeth does not remove all the plaque or tartar stuck on your teeth, gum, or in between your teeth. Therefore a regular check-up can do your best. You can book your appointment today with McClane Dentistry,  call (772) 287-0788 or visit us at 1001 SE Ocean Blvd #107, Stuart, FL 34996 for a great experience.