Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are inflamed or irritated gums that bleed easily. Gum bleeding issues are the most common cause of tooth infections. However, bleeding can be due to other health issues like injury, pregnancy, and inflammation. Gum inflammation also causes swelling and redness. Problems like gum bleeding signify that you are not taking good care of your gums, and they need more attention. Maintaining a proper oral hygiene routine and visiting your dentist nearby are essential to maintain your oral health. Contact us at McClane Dentistry office located in the heart of Stuart, FL, if you notice blood while brushing or generally on your gums.

Bleeding Gums in Stuart Florida

What are the causes of bleeding gums?

There are several causes of your gums bleeding:

  • Gingivitis- gingivitis develops when plaques stay on your gum line for too long. Plaques refer to small particles of food and bacteria that stick to your teeth. Brushing your teeth regularly removes the debris, thus preventing you from developing cavities. If the plaque is not removed, it can harden into tartar and cause bleeding. Symptoms of gingivitis include: soreness in the gum and around the mouth, bleeding gums, and puffy gums.
  • Periodontitis- Advanced gingivitis is known as periodontitis. Periodontitis is an infection of the gums, jawbone, and supportive tissues that connect your teeth to the gum. This disease causes your teeth to loosen and fall off.
    Other causes behind gum bleeding is:

  • People who wear dentures also experience their gums bleeding; this happens when the dentures fit too tightly. Ensure you talk to your dentist if dentures or other oral appliances are causing your gums to bleed.
  • Pregnancy also causes a woman’s gums to bleed due to hormonal imbalance that occurs during pregnancy. Also can cause the gums to be more sensitive.
  • People with bleeding disorders like hemophilia and leukemia also increases the risks of gum bleeding.
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Treatment for bleeding gums

  • The first step to managing your gums bleeding is practicing good hygiene.
  • Visit your professional dentist twice per year for cleaning. Your dentist in Stuart, FL, will know if you have gingivitis and teach you how to brush carefully.
  • Use of antiseptic mouthwash. Your Stuart, FL dentist will show you how to use it properly. This is to minimize plaques that form in your mouth. After that, you will rinse with saltwater to soothe your gums.
  • Use a soft brush that is gentle on teeth, especially if you are experiencing bleeding after brushing. Medium and hard bristles are harsh on your delicate gums.
  • Consider using an electric brush. With their magnificent design, they will help you clean your gum line easily than a manual toothbrush.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Eat fewer carbohydrates.
  • Increase vitamin K intake.
  • Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide.


From the above discussion, we know that gums bleeding are among the most common symptoms of dental issues. However, other issues might be the cause as well. To better understand, schedule a meeting with your primary caregiver to find out if dental care is the problem causing your gums to be bleeding. A physical examination and exam work can help determine the cause of your bleeding. To book an appointment, call (772) 287-0788 at McClane Dentistry.