Dentures and partials

A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. Dentures are chosen when the patient is missing all of their teeth. A partial is a denture that replaces the missing teeth when few of the natural teeth still exist. Dentures and partials are customized according to the size of your mouth in a dental lab. It is done that the equipment fits inside your mouth comfortably. At McClane Dentistry in Stuart, FL, we offer high-quality dentures and partials that will help to restore your lost smile.

Dentures and Partials in Stuart Florida

Advantages of dentures and partials


  • Partials are a less invasive option that is also the less expensive option for missing teeth.
  • They require little maintenance and are easy to get used to.
  • They restore a patients beauty and functionality of their teeth.
  • With normal daily cleaning, partials keep your gum healthy and looking fresh all-day.
  • Partials are the best solutions when the other teeth in your mouth are healthy.


  • Dentures replace your missing teeth benefiting both your smile and your overall health.
  • Dentures give you the ability to eat and speak better with a new set of dentures.
  • Dentures can fix your facial structure, making you look younger while replacing the muscle tone in your face, jaw, and neck.
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Types of dentures and partials


  • Acrylic partial dentures-this is where a dentist will fix the replacement teeth in a pink acrylic base. The base is bulky and thick to minimize the risk of breakage. The gum-looking base has metal clasps that connect to the natural teeth. Patients can talk and eat with it.
  • Flexible partial denture- this is a great option for anyone who finds cast metal and acrylic partial uncomfortable or suffers allergies due to the hypoallergenic materials. The parts comprise a thin, lightweight thermoplastic material that is molded with injections to fit accurately over the gum tissue.
  • Cast metal partial- it is one of the most common options. The partial comprises a rigid, ultra-thin metal base holding a set of acrylic teeth. Metal clasps are used to attach the denture to existing teeth.


  • Traditional complete full dentures- this type of denture replaces all of a patient’s teeth. They sit on top of the gums and are anchored to existing teeth. They are also placed within 8-12 weeks after the removal of teeth.
  • Immediate dentures- this type of denture is placed immediately after they are removed.
  • Implant-supported dentures- a doctor uses a dental implant to support the denture securely. The denture then provides a great amount of support for a solid foundation allowing the denture to stay securely in place. The dental implant is long-lasting and looks natural.

Who is eligible for dentures and partials?

Men and women who have experienced a significant amount of tooth loss but have sufficient and healthy gum tissue and jaw bone are the best candidates for dentures and partials. Your Stuart, FL, dentist will thoroughly examine your oral conditions before deciding if you are the right candidate for getting dentures and partials.

Getting the treatment in Stuart, FL

Both dentures and partials are the best when it comes to functioning oral health. Before trying any treatment, you should always go for a consultation, let the dentist examine you then decide on the best procedure. For any questions and booking, visit McClane Dentistry located at 1001 Southeast Ocean Boulevard, Stuart, Florida 34996, or call (772) 287-0788.