Gum Abscess

A dental abscess is a collection of pus that forms inside the teeth, gums, or bones that hold the teeth in place. Having a bacterial infection causes a gum abscess. Dental abscesses are very painful, and in this case, it is very important to get help from your dentist in Stuart, FL, as soon as possible. Gum abscesses can spread to other parts of your body, making you ill. Contact McClane Dentistry immediately if you have any symptoms that might indicate gum abscess.

Gum Abscess in Stuart Florida

Types of gum abscesses

  • A Gingival abscess occurs in the gum tissues only and not on teeth. Gum abscesses occur when a sharp food particle gets clogged directly into the gums and causes infection.
  • Periodontal abscess- occurs in the space between the teeth and the gums. These types of abscesses are common in people with periodontal diseases. You can also get Periodontal abscesses due to an injury or food getting stuck in between your teeth.
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Symptoms of gum abscesses

  • Intense throbbing pain in the affected tooth or gum comes suddenly and worsens.
  • You may experience pain that spreads to your ear, jaw, and neck on the same side as the affected tooth or gum.
  • If you experience pain while lying down or pain that disturbs you while sleeping.
  • Having a tender, discolored, or loose tooth.
  • Shiny, red, and swollen gums.
  • Sudden sensitivity to hold or cold fluids.
  • Bad breath and unpleasant tastes in your mouth.

Treatments for gum abscesses

1. Dental procedures.

i. Here, the dentist drains the abscess and removes any contamination from the area between the gums and teeth.
ii. In case of plaque buildup and periodontal diseases, the dentist recommends specialized cleaning procedures to remove the plaque and tartar. However, if the abscess is open and is releasing pus, the dentist will apply pressure to the area to allow the abscess to drain completely.
iii. After that, an X-ray will be done to see if the abscess has caused any breakdown of the bones. In case there is bone loss, procedures to help repair the bones and surrounding tissues will be recommended.
iv. If a gum abscess has affected the tooth’s inner pulp, the dentists recommend a root canal.
v. People with periapical abscesses occur when bacteria invade the pulp due to dental diseases may need a root extraction or a root canal.

2. Use of antibiotics.
Antibiotic treatments play a major role in the standard treatment of gum abscesses. An oral antibiotic kills the bacteria causing the infection and stops the infection from spreading. Antibiotics also reduce the swelling and pain in the area. Medicine, however, will not cure the abscess.
Neither will home remedies. Your dentist may recommend some simple home remedies to help relieve the pain. For example, taking over-the-counter pain medications and rinsing your mouth with warm salt water to reduce pain sensitivity.

Getting the treatment in Stuart, FL

An abscess can be very stubborn if you do not treat it immediately. If you get any of the symptoms, make sure you visit your doctor or the nearest hospital. However, keep in mind that home remedies only help manage the symptoms. The pocket of bacteria and pus will require proper treatment in Stuart, FL, from a dentist. In case you need to know more above gum abscess, visit McClane Dentistry in Stuart, FL. We are conveniently located at 1001 Southeast Ocean Boulevard, Stuart, Florida 34996. Our emergency dental services are open round the clock.