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At McClane Dentistry, we have the latest EMS technology that will provide you with a pain-free and minimally invasive way to clean your teeth and gums. The EMS Technology procedure is done all at the same time, in other words it is extremely minimally invasive! Most importantly, we are one of the few dental offices in the South Florida that utilize this state-of-the-art cleaning EMS Technology system from Sweden.

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Caries and periodontitis are among the most common diseases worldwide and EMS Technology can help you with these issues. Both are biofilm (plaque) induced diseases of hard and soft oral tissues. Our top priority is to keep your natural teeth and periodontium healthy, functional, and pain-free throughout that your lifetime using EMS Technology. Traditional teeth cleaning methods utilize hard, metal instruments to scrape away plaque and rubber suction cups with gritty paste to polish your teeth. The problem is all these tools can be hard on your enamel, dentine, and gums. Restorations can leave deep irregular scratches on the surface of enamel which will cause tooth damage and bleeding irritated gums. A rubber polishing cup can also dull implants and veneers over time causing an unnatural dull-looking tooth.

EMS Technology Stuart Florida
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The good news is our teeth cleaning system is safe and effective for all age groups. This includes anyone with braces, implants, crowns, hybrids, veneers and bridges. We use a powerful, yet minimally invasive stream of water combined with a gentle powder. Then the biofilm is methodically removed from the tooth and below the gum line. Contact McClane Dentistry Office in Stuart to learn more about using our EMS Technology in your dental treatment plan.

The result is a beautiful, pain-free, clean and healthy mouth!

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